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Contingency Search

Under a contingency agreement, there is no service charge billed to your firm unless the candidate we represent is hired. This search begins with a detailed discussion of your needs and the characteristics you desire in a successful candidate. We then conduct a thorough review of our active candidates and data bank of contacts. Through networking and referrals, we source, recruit and qualify the candidates who best fit your needs.

  • This search is best suited for technical and mid-level assignments.

Engaged  Search

An engaged search assignment is a combination of contingency and retained arrangements.  It  demands more resources but earns priority from our search Consultants. In this agreement, a portion of the service charge is paid up front to cover expenses and focus our resources. The up-front portion is deducted from the remaining service charge that is due upon completion of the assignment. An engaged or retained search has a higher prestige with candidates and may generate better talent.  Candidates know you are committed to filling the position and are not just “testing the water”.

  • This search is best suited for senior-level or confidential assignments.

Contract / Temporary Search

Many times a need is immediate or temporary. The contract division of General Placement Service is capable of satisfying short-term or temporary assignments through a timely and simple process. There is no long-term commitment and low administrative fees.  The contracted employee is placed on our payroll and your company is invoiced regularly.

  • This search is best suited for lower-level or contract assignments.

Special Needs

General Placement Service partners with our clients and is willing to offer our resources and expertise for many different projects or assignments.  We have conducted salary surveys, employee satisfaction analysis, human resources consulting and market analysis.

Please Contact a Consultant to discuss how our firm can help you remain competitive in the ever changing world of business.

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