Preparing a Resume

A well-designed resume is paramount in your job search.  Because hiring authorities will receive hundreds of resumes, you must make sure that your resume captures an employer’s attention within a 5-second glance.  You want them to quickly identify your core skills and how you would provide value to their company.  Please speak with a Consultant at General Placement Service to discuss the appearance and effectiveness of your resume.  Several key points are listed below.

resume4Honesty is critical!

You must have the correct dates, numbers and responsibilities on a resume.  There are many ways a company can verify that the information is correct and discrepancies will typically eliminate you from the process.

One size does NOT fit all!

The resume you use to apply to one job may not be the same used to apply somewhere else.  Instead, it should be job or company specific.  It is not possible to highlight every skill and accomplishment you have acquired throughout your career and still have a resume that can be quickly analyzed.  You should focus on highlighting and presenting the skills that are going to be important to the company who is reviewing the document.  Generally speaking, less space should be used on non-insurance industry jobs – unless that experience has relevance to the job you are currently applying to.

Keep it short!

For most Executives, it is not possible to fit your accomplishments and skills onto one page .  A two or three page resume is acceptable; as long as the information is displayed correctly and is not overwhelming.

Use bullet points!

Paragraph form is not acceptable for a professional resume.  The person reviewing the resume should be able to quickly scan through it and still understand your core set of skills.  Bullets do not need to be complete sentences; which is another way to limit the length of the document.


Grammatical errors on a resume are completely inappropriate and are a sure-fire way to immediately disqualify yourself from consideration. Download a sample resume.

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